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Will Bobby Lashley Be The Catalyst For The Street Profits’ Inevitable Breakup?


  • Bobby Lashley’s alliance with The Street Profits has caught fans’ attention, with backstage segments and promos hinting at growing camaraderie and chemistry between them.
  • The trio’s joint entrance and change in attire suggests a fresh direction for all three wrestlers, as they aim to win titles and dominate the competition in WWE’s faction-heavy landscape.
  • The formation of this faction could potentially lead to tension within The Street Profits, with Montez Ford’s quest for singles success potentially causing a breakup and propelling him into the spotlight as a top babyface in WWE.

Recently on WWE SmackDown, a new faction emerged, raising eyebrows and speculation among wrestling enthusiasts. The alliance between Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits has taken shape, featuring backstage segments, promos, and joint appearances in sharp suits. While it remains uncertain whether this trio will play the role of heels or babyfaces, one thing is clear – they’re here to make a statement and potentially capture all the gold. And they might do so, Judgment Day and The Bloodline have proven that it is possible. However, amidst the newfound camaraderie, there’s a looming question: Could Bobby Lashley inadvertently become the cause of the Street Profits’ breakup?

The Formation Of An Alliance Between Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits

The genesis of the alliance between Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits has been a compelling storyline on SmackDown. This partnership has not only caught the attention of fans but has also given the WWE Universe a reason to tune in every week, eager to see how this union will evolve. The initial hints of this alliance were seen in backstage segments and promos. These behind-the-scenes glimpses provided a window into the growing camaraderie between Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits. There were shared moments of laughter, the chemistry between these three wrestlers was palpable, making fans curious about what would come next.


The true turning point came when Bobby Lashley, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins made a collective entrance on an episode of SmackDown. This wasn’t just any entrance; it was a statement. Lashley, a dominant force in WWE, took the microphone to express his admiration for The Street Profits and, in turn, they thanked him for their career resurgence. Adding to the intrigue, this trio has teased a new look and persona, appearing in sharp suits. While their alignment as heels or babyfaces remains uncertain, the change in attire suggests a fresh direction for all three wrestlers. Lashley, a former WWE Champion, and The Street Profits, former Raw Tag Team Champions, have collectively sent a clear message to the rest of the WWE roster: They’re here to win titles and dominate the competition.

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WWE Is Filled With Factions Right Now

Wrestling history is marked by various eras, each characterized by distinct trends and storytelling approaches. In recent years, WWE and other wrestling promotions have entered the “faction era.” This period is defined by the proliferation of factions, alliances, and stables playing prominent roles in the wrestling landscape. It’s a trend that has fundamentally changed the dynamics of storytelling and competition within the industry. WWE itself has seen the emergence of several high-profile factions, each with its unique identity and objectives. These factions include The Bloodline, The Judgment Day, Damage Ctrl, and LWO, among others.


In the context of this faction era, Bobby Lashley’s decision to form a new faction represents a strategic move. It could be seen as his response to the unrealized potential of The Hurt Business, a previous faction he was a part of. By assembling a fresh group of talent and aligning himself with The Street Profits, Lashley seeks to make a statement in this faction-heavy wrestling landscape. However, as exciting as factions are for fans, they also come with their share of challenges. Balancing the interests, egos, and ambitions of multiple members can be tricky, leading to unforeseen consequences and, in some cases, betrayals and breakups.

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The Faction Could Lead To Montez Ford Becoming A Singles Star

Montez Ford, one-half of The Street Profits, is a wrestler who has consistently showcased remarkable charisma, athleticism, and in-ring skills throughout his WWE career. These qualities have not only endeared him to fans but have also made him a standout performer in the tag team division. However, there’s a persistent undercurrent of anticipation among fans, and even within the WWE itself, regarding Montez Ford’s potential to become a significant singles star. Fans are naturally inclined to rally behind performers who can captivate them emotionally, and Montez Ford has consistently demonstrated this skill.


In the context of the Bobby Lashley-led faction, there’s a distinct possibility that Montez Ford’s singles potential will come to the forefront. As the faction gains momentum and Bobby Lashley creates an environment of competition within the group, it’s reasonable to expect that Ford’s desire to prove himself could lead to friction with Angelo Dawkins. As the faction led by Bobby Lashley dominates the scene, it’s not difficult to imagine tensions brewing within the Street Profits. Lashley’s penchant for competition could pit Ford and Angelo against each other, vying for his favor and the spotlight. This scenario might pave the way for Angelo’s inevitable heel turn, betraying Montez Ford in an attempt to impress Lashley. This betrayal could serve as a pivotal moment, propelling Montez Ford into the singles spotlight as a top babyface, finally fulfilling his true potential. The breakup of The Street Profits, while bittersweet for fans who appreciate their tag team chemistry, could be the catalyst for Montez Ford’s ascent as a top babyface in WWE.

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