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Woman Meets Zayn Malik At McDonald’s, Says, “He Smells…”

woman meets zayn malik at mc donalds

A young woman in the US had one of the best moments of her life on her casual late night visit to McDonald’s. The woman visited the fast food joint to grab a bite and fulfill her late night cravings. But little did she know that she would meet her idol Zayn Malik. It’s crazy, right?

Hija de Chayanne, the Twitter user, shared a selfie with Zayn Malik along with an ecstatic caption: “I’m so happy. I would never have thought that by going to McDonald’s, I would meet the love of my life, @zaynmalik.”

In subsequent tweets, she offered some delightful details about her unexpected encounter. She said, “I will answer some questions I have been asked. 1. What does Zayn smell like? He really has a super rich smell, Idk how to explain the smell but it really smells delicious.”

She went on to recount the moment she spotted him at McDonald’s: “How did I meet him? I was waiting for my food at McDonald’s, and he showed up at the back door of the restaurant. I was in shock and started analyzing his tattoos. By the way, I was the only customer in the place. I waited about three minutes for the nervousness to pass.”

When asked about their conversation, @vaneee2001 revealed that she spoke from the heart in the moment, and in response, Malik graciously agreed to take a selfie with her. She elaborated, “What did I tell him? I actually told him personal words that came to me at the moment (also a worker took a picture with him), and he told us that he could just take a selfie, after that the workers started to leave but I think he felt overwhelmed and decided to leave.”

Since her selfie with the singer went viral, the comments section is filled with excitement and well-wishes from fellow fans.

One person expressed, “Congrats! Thank you for sharing. We have missed that face so much!”

Another commented, “OMG! So happy for you! Congrats, and he looks so cuddly and cute.”

A third fan said, “OMG, so happy for you, he is so handsome.”

A fourth admirer added, “You got to meet the love of my life at a place like McD.”

And a fifth summed it up with, “Aww, this is so adorable.” It’s stories like these that make us all believe in unexpected, magical moments.”

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