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Worst Current AEW Ring Names

Creating a wrestling name isn’t the easiest thing to do as it’s something that they then have to stick with and make work for the majority of their careers. While people do make tweaks at times, wrestlers need to come up with something creative, that suits their character, and can also be chanted by fans.


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AEW has a huge roster right now and there are plenty of great names that are memorable, yet on the flip side, there are others that are quite forgettable or just not very good. While these could end up changing over time, for right now they are some of the weaker names in the company.

UPDATE: 2024/04/01 14:30 EST BY ANDREW KELLY

For the most part, there aren’t too many glaring duds when it comes to ring names in AEW, with either wrestlers taking on their own names or having defined ring names that fans have gotten used to over the years. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some poorer ring names in AEW. Some of these are just plain bad, don’t fit the character, or are just way too simple for the wrestler to even have a chance of success in AEW or wrestling as a whole. Ring names need to stand out, feel unique, and fit the wrestler, though even a few years into AEW’s existence, there are still some names that don’t quite fit or work.

Skye Blue Sounds Like A Name A Child Would Come Up With

A Cheap Pun Shouldn’t Be A Ring Name

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

Skye Blue


The sky is blue, her name is Skye, so you have Skye Blue. It feels like with the way Skye Blue has developed over her AEW career, she has outgrown a name which was more fitted to an enhancement talent.

Her prominence has grown and her talent is always improving, and with the change in her character and the veering away from “blueness” in her gimmick, she needs a name change. It really is a poor ring name that has been overlooked by many.

Johnny TV’s Ring Name Is Among The Worst Of His Career

The King Of Ring Names Has His Worst Yet

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

Johnny TV


Johnny Fusion, Flashback, Glory, Dreamwave, Bloodsport, Early Morning, Hollywood, Mecca, Battleground, DownUnder, Revolver, Warrior, WrestleCade, Elite, Progress, Caballero, Game Changer, Superstar

One Off 2022-2023

Johnny Impact


Johnny Mundo


John Morrison


Johnny Nitro


John Hennigan


Johnny Onyx


Perhaps under the QTV gimmick, Johnny TV wasn’t the worst of ring names, but now that the stable is no longer a thing, the name of Johnny TV doesn’t work any longer. Throughout his career, Johnny TV has changed his name depending on the promotion – even previously competing as “Johnny Elite” in AEW.

He should have kept that name as it objectively better and cooler than the current name he has been saddled with.

Killswitch Needs To Go Back To Luchasaurus

This Name Change Hasn’t Worked In AEW

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used







Just Judas


Judas Devlin


Austin Draven




Austin Morrison


Although it is part of the story, Christian Cage changing Luchasaurus’ name to “Killswitch” just hasn’t stuck. Fans love chanting Luchasaurus, the name is unique and striking, and whilst “Killswitch” does have a cool sound to it, the fact that it is just Cage’s finisher makes it feel lacking.

It feels like the switch of name will be made back eventually, but for now it looks as though he is sticking with this ring name of reduced quality.

Vincent & Dutch Sound Like Any Other Basic Names

The Pair Need More To Stand Out

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used





Bill Carr (Dutch)


Vinny Marseglia (Vincent)


Bobby Dutch (Dutch)


Bill Carr (Dutch)


Vinny Nero (Vincent)


Nero (Vincent)


The team name of “The Righteous” is pretty striking, but the individual names of just Vincent and Dutch leave a lot to be desired. Tag team often struggle from this, with two singular ring names that are just basic names.


10 Best Physiques On The Current AEW Roster

AEW currently boasts a roster that features quite a few jacked wrestlers with tremendous physiques.

Perhaps if they had surnames it wouldn’t be as bad, but no fan is paying to just see a “Vincent” or a “Dutch” in the ring.

Big Bill Sounds Like A Cartoon Character

W. Morrissey Was A Far More Imposing Name

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

Big Bill

2022 – Present

W. Morrissey


Caz XL


Big Cazz


Big Ca$$


Big Cass


Colin Cassidy


Bill Young


Big Bill is a well-known member of the AEW roster because of the career he had in WWE, but isn’t the fact he is going by a different name to that which makes it bad. Bill is one of the most physically impressive forces on the AEW roster, and that is something that this name tries to push.

While it gets over the fact that he is tall, Big Bill is something that just sounds a little goofy, and there’s a real lack of menace behind the name to make it suit his gimmick.

The Butcher & The Blade Are Basic And Uncreative Names

The Butcher Is Okay, But The Blade Is Terrible

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

The Butcher


The Blade


Andy Williams (Butcher)


Braxton Sutter (Blade)


Pepper Parks (Blade)


Preston Wyatt Parks (Blade)


Jesse Guilmette (Blade)


Both The Butcher and The Blade come together as hard-hitting and dominant wrestlers, but their names aren’t brilliant. The idea behind the duo is that they’re aggressive and that is where the name comes from, but the problem is that they don’t really make much sense.

Being named after an item with The Blade is something that audiences aren’t able to grasp, and that is a similar problem for The Butcher. It makes it hard for fans to truly relate to them because there’s nothing for fans to grasp onto to connect with.

Red Velvet Does Not Work As A Character Or Gimmick

This Cake Inspired Name Isn’t So Sweet

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

Red Velvet


Red Velvett


The first thing people think about when they hear Red Velvet is cake, and that is what makes it a terrible name. It’s the type of name that an over-the-top gimmick would be given rather than someone who is trying to be serious which is what Velvet is attempting.

The name makes even less sense when she is trying to be a sassy heel that audiences are supposed to see as a title threat. It’s hard to imagine someone called Red Velvet at the top level of the women’s division, which makes this a name that is holding her back despite decent talent and a strong look.

The Name “Action Andretti” Screams Jobber

Andretti’s Name Is Stopping Him From Climbing The Card

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

Action Andretti


Tyler Andretti


Action Andretti is an exciting prospect for the future of AEW, and that’s something that the company will be looking to push moving forward. However, the name itself isn’t one of the strongest with the focus just being on adding in some alliteration to try and make him stand out.

It feels like quite an old-school name and is one that could be seen as quite cheesy due to the first name. He has the chance to carve out a legacy for himself to make it memorable though, if he can do that moving forward.

The “Powerhouse” Part Of Hobbs’ Name Should’ve Remained A Nickname

Fans Have Gotten Used To It, But The Name Isn’t Good

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used

Powerhouse Hobbs


Will Hobbs


Will Rood




Powerhouse Hobbs was originally known as Will Hobbs, and that was a much stronger name for him. Powerhouse was used more as a nickname, and that made more sense because that is ultimately what it is.


10 Wrestlers AEW Has No Need For Anymore

AEW has gone through ups and downs over the years. While they used of these wrestlers in the past, the company doesn’t need them anymore.

He has gained that name because it is the style he brings to the ring with his size and strength, and that itself makes perfect sense. However, when that is explained to you in the name itself then it is a little over the top and slightly too obvious.

Boulder & Bronson Sound Like Enhancement Talent

Subpar Names Means There Is A Ceiling On This Team

List Of Ring Names

Dates Used





Bear Boulder


Bear Bronson


Bear Beefcake (Boulder)


Beefcake (Boulder)


Beefcake Charlie (Boulder)


Joe Bronson


Hous Blazer


Boulder and Bronson are wrestlers who haven’t been given tons of in-ring time throughout their AEW career, however, they do bring a physical presence whenever they compete. Unfortunately, they have some of the worst names on the roster as this is something that is simply too plain.

Bronson isn’t too bad, but with Boulder, he is a bigger wrestler so claiming he is like a boulder makes sense, but to actually make it his full-on name showcases a lack of imagination. There could be a lot more to do with this one.

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