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Wrestlers Bret Hart Was Close To

Throughout his illustrious career, Bret Hart made his fair share of friends and enemies. Most notably, Bret had a deeply personal rivalry with Shawn Michaels in 1997, which brought extreme repercussions for not only WWE, but the entire world of wrestling.


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Bret also had great relationships with multiple wrestlers in both WWE and WCW. Bret obviously got along with wrestlers who were part of the Hart family bubble, but also with other wrestlers who Bret worked with in and out of the wrestling ring.

The Undertaker Credited Bret As One Of His Best Opponents Ever

They Were 2 Of The Biggest Stars Of The 1990s

  • They Faced Off At Royal Rumble 1996, SummerSlam 1997 And One Night Only
  • Bret Pushed The Undertaker To Be More Than A Character
  • They Were Travel Buddies In WWE

During the 1990s, Bret Hart and The Undertaker carried the WWE company flag, as they were 2 of the biggest stars in the business and remained loyal to the company even with WCW looming around the corner. They wrestled in great matches against each other, which created an amazing bond between both men.

Both men have had great things to say about each other. The Undertaker has repeatedly praised Bret Hart’s ability inside the ropes, and he also expressed relief over working with The Hitman at SummerSlam 1997 during his second WWE title reign. To this day, Bret and The Undertaker are good friends with each other as they enjoy retirement.

Rick Rude And Bret Hart Had Great Respect For Each Other

They Never Wrestled Against Each Other

  • Rude Left WWE In Protest Of The Montreal Screwjob
  • He Joined WCW A Week After The Screwjob
  • After His Death, Bret Said Rude Was One Of The Most Genuine And Caring People He Ever Met

Bret Hart and Rick Rude barely crossed paths throughout their careers, which makes this one of the most surprising entries on the list. Both men never faced off in a one on one or tag team match, with the only time they shared a ring coming during the 1990 Royal Rumble match.


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Rick Rude was one of the wrestlers who left WWE after the Montreal Screwjob. He was working with the company on a handshake deal, so he immediately left to join WCW, which created the iconic night where Rick Rude was present on both Raw and Nitro (Raw was taped). After Rude’s death in 1999, Bret honored his legacy as a wrestler and person, which makes it clear that both men were on great terms with each other.

Kevin Nash Had His Best Matches With Bret Hart

Bret Ended Diesel’s WWE Title Reign At Survivor Series 1995

  • Bret And Nash Did Have Some Tension During The Kliq Days
  • Bret Made It His Mission To Make Diesel Look Like A Star In Their 1995 Royal Rumble Match
  • They Became Close Friends During Bret’s WCW Run

Along with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart had a big influence in Kevin Nash’s career, as he helped him become one of the top players in WWE. One of the matches that helped Diesel break through the mold was his King of the Ring 1994 encounter against Bret Hart. The match ended in disqualification, but it helped Diesel prove that he could compete against the very best.

Diesel spent most of 1995 as the WWE Champion, and while his reign was one of the lowest drawing ever, Bret still tried his best to make Diesel look as legit as possible. During that time, Bret and The Kliq were butting heads backstage, as the group had gained a lot of control. When Bret went to WCW, his relationship with Diesel improved, and the two have remained friends to this very day.

Bret Hart And Sean Waltman Had An Iconic Match On An Episode Of Raw In 1994

Waltman Credited The Match As His Best Ever

  • Waltman Appreciated Bret’s Effort To Put Him Over
  • The Match Got A Standing Ovation
  • It Was One Of The Best Matches Of The 1990s

During the New Generation Era, the 1-2-3 Kid became one of wrestling’s most beloved underdogs. Having upset Razor Ramon on an episode of Raw, the 1-2-3 Kid went on a mission to prove that he could battle it out against anyone, despite the huge size differential.


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Possibly the greatest match in Sean Waltman’s career came against Bret Hart on an episode of Raw in July 1994. While Bret walked away as the victor, it still put the 1-2-3 Kid over as a resilient fighter who truly backed up his point and got it on against the very best. Waltman has been very thankful of Bret for this matchup, and the two have had a great relationship ever since, even with the Kliq’s backstage manipulations.

Mick Foley And Bret Hart Only Had One Singles Match Against Each Other

It Took Place On Shotgun Saturday Night In 1997

  • Foley Didn’t Show Up To The Raw After Survivor Series 1997 In Protest Of The Montreal Screwjob
  • He Even Contemplated Leaving WWE
  • Foley Respected Bret As A Wrestler And Person

While Bret Hart and Mankind were two of the most prominent WWE stars during the mid 1990s, their paths never seemed to cross with each other, as they never had a feud and only wrestled in one singles match. It would’ve been interesting to see both men feud with each other, as they had distinct personalities and could’ve easily built an intriguing storyline.

After the Montreal Screwjob, Mick Foley was one of the wrestlers who protested the outcome of the event. Foley stayed in his hotel in Montreal and had no plans to attend next night’s edition of Raw. He even considered leaving the company, as he had too much respect for Bret, but his wife convinced him to stay in WWE.

Roddy Piper And Bret Hart Are Two Of The Greatest Canadian Wrestlers Ever

  • Their WrestleMania 8 Match Is One Of The Best Intercontinental Title Matches Ever
  • Both Men Met Each Other In 1983
  • Their Last Match Against Each Other Took Place On WCW Nitro In February 1999

As they were making a name for themselves as one of the biggest stars the wrestling business has ever seen, Bret Hart and Roddy Piper became close friends in real life. They first met each other in December 1983 during a Maple Leaf Wrestling show, which was a promotion that ran in Toronto.


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They became household names in WWE and their paths would eventually cross, as they faced off in an ultimate classic at WrestleMania 8 for the Intercontinental Championship. Even after they retired, both men would stay close friends until Piper’s tragic passing in 2015.

Bret Hart Defeated Mr. Perfect To Win His First Singles Championship

Both Men Were 2 Of The Best Technical Wrestlers Of The Decade

  • Bret Called Hennig One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Ever
  • Their Last Match Against Each Other Was At Uncensored 1998
  • Bret Named Hennig As His Favorite Opponent Ever

While Mr. Perfect never held the WWE Championship, he still became one of the most legendary figures of the Golden Era, due to his sheer ability to draw heat and wrestle in the company’s best matches. His most legendary matches were against Bret Hart, as both men wrestled in instant classics at SummerSlam 1991 and King of the Ring 1993.


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Their chemistry inside the ropes also created a great relationship outside the ring, as Bret and Hennig earned each other’s respect as competitors. Both men have had nothing but great things to say about each other, especially Bret, as Hennig played a major role in elevating The Hitman’s career.

Bret Hart Mentored The Rock During The Early Days Of His WWE Career

He Helped Rock Adjust To The Business In And Out Of The Ring

  • The Rock Credits Bret Hart For Having A Great Influence In His Career
  • Both Men Faced Off For The Only Time On An Episode Of Raw In March 1997
  • The Match Ended In Disqualification To Protect Rocky

The Rock didn’t have an easy start to his WWE career, as he was one of the youngest wrestlers on the roster and was receiving a huge push despite still being a little green inside the ropes, which garnered him some heat in the locker room. To make things worse, fans began turning on Rocky’s babyface push, which created a huge dilemma.

To help combat Rocky’s struggles, Bret Hart took him under his wing, and gave him some important advice on how to adjust to the backstage world. The Rock has appreciated Bret’s mentorship to this very day, has it helped him overcome the common hardships of the wrestling business.

Bret Hart And Yokozuna Faced Off In Back To Back WrestleManias

Bret Claimed Yokozuna Was Always A Professional In And Out Of The Ring

  • Yokozuna Defeated Bret At WrestleMania 9
  • Bret Got His Win Back At WrestleMania 10
  • Bret Complimented Yokozuna’s Ability To Keep His Opponents Safe Inside The Ring

Yokozuna had great relationships with other wrestlers throughout his career, including The Undertaker. There have been multiple hilarious stories about Yokozuna, which include the time he broke a toilet, with Bret and The Undertaker discovering him covered in poop and toilet water.

Yokozuna’s professionalism in and out of the ring earned the respect of his peers, including Bret Hart. They often worked with each other in the mid 1990s for the WWE Championship, and Bret has had nothing but good things to say about Yokozuna as a wrestler and person ever since.

Bret Helped Steve Austin Become A Megastar

Bret Initially Convinced WWE To Sign Austin

  • Their First Match Took Place At Survivor Series 1996
  • Bret Enjoyed Working With Austin
  • Their WrestleMania 13 Match Changed Both Of Their Careers Forever

After Steve Austin was fired from WCW, Bret Hart played a huge role in convincing Vince McMahon to sign him. Throughout his time in WCW, Bret noticed Austin’s talent and had plans to work with him down the line. They wrestled each other for the first time at Survivor Series 1996 in an absolute classic, and this feud helped propel Austin to the main event scene.

They had a rematch at WrestleMania 13 which was even more iconic, as the finish of Austin passing out in the Sharpshooter made the fans gain a lot of respect for him, even though he was a heel. Austin’s face turn followed through after the match, along with Bret’s heel turn, and this chain of events helped set the course for the following months of WWE programming. Bret played a major role in Austin’s rise and Austin has acknowledged that fact multiple times. Both men enjoyed working with each other, which created an amazing bond outside the ring which has lasted to this very day.

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