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Wrestlers From The First AEW All In PPV: Where Are They Now?

Tony Khan purchasing Ring of Honor was done for many reasons, but one under the radar perk was getting to own the rights to the All In event from 2018. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks promoted the show by booking the talent and inspiring a fan base to make history by having a non-WWE show sell out 10,000+ seat venue.


The Biggest Independent Wrestling Show Ever: Every Match From All In, Ranked Worst To Best

AEW might not exist today if it wasn’t for the success of All In. What was the best match at the biggest and most important indy show of all time?

However, ROH owned this show since Cody and the Bucks used their production and distribution while working there. AEW now owns the original All In show in their library, and that matters since it helped kick-start the movement of a new promotion starting. Many interesting names outside of the obvious AEW stars appeared on that show, and we will see what they are doing today.

Chelsea Green Has Become Major Part Of WWE

All In Was First Major Match In Front Of A Big Wrestling Crowd

  • Appeared At All In With Old “Hot Mess” Gimmick
  • Has Had Multiple WWE Stints Since That Event
  • Currently Thriving As Breakout Star In Raw Division

Chelsea Green has been evolving as a pro wrestler to find immense success in her ideal character role today. WWE rehired Chelsea after her first run ended in disappointment, and Triple H wanted to right the wrong of a few firings.


10 Things Fans Should Know About The ROH All In PPV

ROH had a big role to play at the first All In PPV, and there’s a lot that fans should know about it.

Green was part of a strong women’s fatal four-way match at All In that showed her talent. WWE has pushed Chelsea hard during this run as one of the more entertaining and over characters in Raw women’s division.

Marty Scrull Is Getting A Chance In AAA Right Now

Was “Canceled” Shortly After Major All In Match

  • Was Slotted Above Hangman Page In The Elite At All In
  • Allegations During Speaking Out Moment Killed Name Value
  • Konnan Booked Him In AAA For First Noteworthy Comeback

The career of Marty Scurll may have peaked at All In when co-main eventing the show against Kazuchika Okada. Scurll was a member of The Elite, and he was even viewed above Adam Page in the pecking order to get that match.

However, Marty stayed in ROH when AEW formed and was accused of inappropriate behavior with an underaged fan. Most promotions have stayed away from Scurll, but Konnan recently started booking him in Mexico’s AAA.

Kazuchika Okada Is One Of The Best Wrestlers In The World Today

Just Reunited With The Elite In AEW

  • Appeared At All In For Rare American Show As Favor To Young Bucks
  • Has Been The Face Of New Japan Until Recently Leaving For Free Agency
  • Signed With AEW And Debuted As Part Of The Elite

The Young Bucks are considered two of Kazuchika Okada’s closest friends in the wrestling industry after they bonded over being mistreated in TNA. Okada wanted to help the Young Bucks by appearing on the original All In back when United States appearances were less common.

All In benefited from having the biggest Japanese talent making a rare singles match in the United States. Okada recently left New Japan and joined AEW.

Joey Janela Is Back As A Top Indie Name

Had Show Stealing Match Vs Hangman At All In

  • Impressed At All In To Get Signed By AEW Early
  • Struggled To Keep Momentum Once AEW Grew
  • Leaving AEW Worked Out For Another Indie Run

Tony Khan made Joey Janela an early signing for AEW when he was making a name on the independent circuit as one of the top standout talents. Janela having a great hardcore brawl with Adam Page was considered a show-stealing match.

AEW signed Janela early partially due to this performance and gave him a solid early page. Things didn’t work out long-term with both sides seeming better off when Joey’s contract expired. Janela has once again become one of the most popular indie wrestlers, especially in his home promotion of GCW.

Flip Gordon Has Fizzled Out After Major Run

All In Made Flip Feel Like A Future Wrestling Star

  • Received Push Heading Into All In Thanks To Friendship With Elite
  • Won Battle Royal To Challenge Jay Lethal For The ROH Championship
  • AEW Not Signing Flip Saw Him Struggling Until CMLL Signed Him

Ring of Honor was trying to make Flip Gordon a singles star, and his friendship with The Elite helped in the Being the Elite vlog that set up the All In event. Cody Rhodes trying to block Flip from getting booked created a storyline heading into the show.

Gordon won a pre-show battle royal under a mask and earned an ROH World Championship shot against Jay Lethal falling short. AEW forming saw Flip getting left behind and no longer having as much attention. Mexico’s CMLL promotion is the main place Gordon wrestles after losing his momentum in the United States scene.

MJF Made More Out Of That Night Than Almost Anyone

Was A Surprising Addition To All In Card Handpicked By Cody Rhodes

  • Cody Wanted MJF On All In Card Before His Fame
  • Tony Khan Signed MJF Based On His All In Performance
  • Became One Of The Most Important AEW Top Stars

MJF was just now making a name on the independent wrestling circuit when All In was announced. Even though Maxwell didn’t fit the bill of what most indie wrestlers did in the ring at the time, Cody Rhodes took a chance to get him booked.


MJF’s Definitive 10 Best AEW Matches, Ranked

MJF has proven that he is a generational talent with his impressive resume of matches in AEW.

Matt Cross defeated MJF in the opening match as MJF’s first major introduction to many fans. MJF continued to improve and impressed Tony Khan to be a day one signing for AEW. Khan has pushed MJF to become one of the faces of his company and a former AEW World Champion.

Stephen Amell Created A Wrestling Television Series

Actor Wrestled His Most Recent Match At All In Event

  • Amell Joined Wrestling World Thanks To Friendship With Cody
  • Was A Member Of Bullet Club When Facing Christopher Daniels
  • Created Heels TV Show To Help Wrestling Business As Actor

Actor Stephen Amell is a close friend of Cody Rhodes, and he has wrestled a few matches thanks to that. There were a couple of tag matches for Amell with Cody in WWE and ROH, but his only singles match came against Christopher Daniels at All In.

Amell held his own and worked hard to be involved in a competent match. The acting career saw Amell pitching a series about pro wrestling called Heels to get two seasons before cancelation. Amell is still acting and a close friend of Cody today.

Tessa Blanchard Is Rebuilding Her Career In Mexico

She Felt Like A Major Future Star On All In Card

  • Won Important Women’s Match On All In Event
  • Impact Run Ended Poorly Shortly After Allegations
  • Making Comeback Run In Mexico’s CMLL

The talent of Tessa Blanchard has never been questioned, since her career took a few negative hits for actions outside of the ring. Tessa received the strongest ovation and won her match in the fatal four-way on All In, while representing Impact Wrestling.

Various wrestlers accused Blanchard of bullying other talents and making racist comments to essentially end her relevance. Tessa left the spotlight while blacklisted for her alleged actions, but she is wrestling consistently again as a major part of the CMLL roster in Mexico.

Rey Mysterio Is Still Adding To His Legendary Legacy

Major Name Involved In Six-Man Tag Main Event

  • Respect For Rey Made Him Rare “WWE Name” Booked At All In
  • AEW Wanted Rey To Sign There Before He Returned To WWE
  • Recent WWE Run Was Pivotal To Helping Dominik’s Career

Rey Mysterio was outside of WWE for a few years and did many great things before his eventual return. The respect for Rey by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks saw them wanting him as a rare big name from outside of the indie bubble to get spotlighted.

Mysterio even got the honor of main eventing when teaming with Bandido and Fenix against the Bucks and Kota Ibushi. There was strong interest in Rey joining AEW before it started, but he went back to WWE for one more major run. It has worked out to perfection for Mysterio to be relevant today and to help his son Dominik’s career.

Nick Aldis Is Finding Success As Non-Wrestler In WWE

Had His Wrestling Peak Vs Cody Rhodes For NWA Title At All In

  • Match Vs Cody Was The High Point Of Wrestling Career So Far
  • NWA Disappointment Put His Career In Difficult Position Rebuilding
  • Joining WWE As General Manager Is Working Out Perfectly

The magic of the All In show was that the card offered something for everyone. Cody Rhodes challenging Nick Aldis for the NWA Heavyweight Championship appealed to old school fans wanting to see Cody win the prize that his father Dusty held proudly.

Aldis and Rhodes delivered a strong performance together to add immensely to the show’s success. AEW offered Aldis a deal, and he showed regret turning it down for NWA loyalty that backfired. WWE offered Aldis a General Manager position after a few years of ups and downs, and he’s thriving in the role.

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