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Wrestling Daughters Who Went Into The Business

Over the past fifteen years or so, beginning with Dixie Carter and even Vince Russo in TNA, all the way to Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Billy Corgan, Tony Khan, and other promoters – the Women’s Revolution in wrestling has ramped up considerably. The women today are usually some of the best matches on the card.


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Wrestlers like Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, and Julia Hart are captivating with their in-ring skills as well as their characters and mic work. There are even plenty of wrestling daughters at this point in the ring too. Whether they were journeymen or legends, the daughters of some superstars are carving out their own legacy.

Mike McGuirk Makes History

The WWE’s First Female Ring Announcer

  • Leroy McGuirk had lost sight in one eye in a swimming incident and the other in a car accident.
  • He did not want his daughter becoming a wrestler, which she never did.
  • Along with announcing, Mike worked as commentator alongside Bruce “Brother Love” Prichard.

Mike McGuirk might not be the most recognizable name on this list. But that doesn’t make her any less important. She is the daughter of former Territory Promoter Leroy McGuirk. There is a famous story Jim Ross has told over the years that the blind McGuirk was ready to shoot Ted DiBiase, because the future Million Dollar Man was dating his daughter. That clearly didn’t happen and Mike McGuirk would go on to become the WWE’s first ever female ring announcer from the mid-80s until the early 90s.

Tamina Carried On Her Family Legacy

One Of The Most Tenured Ladies Comes From The Bloodline

  • Tamina’s father was once married to Peter Maivia’s niece, Sharon, Tamina’s mother.
  • Her brother is Sim Snuka, also known as Duece of Duece N’ Domino.
  • Up until her retirement, Tamina along with Nattie were the two longest females on the roster.

While it is not official through blood or “blood brother” relations, plenty of the island wrestlers like Jimmy Superfly Snuka are considered family among the Anoa’i Fatu dynasty. That puts Tamina in the pantheon of wrestling royalty, despite her father’s sordid legacy.


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Tamina has been part of WWE since the early 2000s up until her retirement in 2023, and she was always one of the most reliable ladies on the roster. No matter what was asked of her, Tamina could pull it off with ease.

Natalya Is The Lone Hart In WWE

The BOAT Comes From One Of The Greatest Dynasties Of All Time

  • Natalya has been part of WWE since 2007.
  • Her Guiness records are not a gimmick, she currently holds six.
  • In 2023, she became the first-ever WWE Wheel Of Fortune champion, alongside her civilian partner.

With so many of her career milestones in the Guinness Book of World Records, Natalya definitely is what she says she is and that’s the best of all time. As the daughter of Jim, the anvil Neidhart, she matches her father’s strength, and as the niece of Bret, the Hitman Hart, she’s one of the most technically gifted female wrestlers on the roster. Coming from the world-renowned Hart Dungeon doesn’t hurt either, as she is its only female graduate. Hopefully, one day before her run is over, Natalya will get a proper run with either the WWE or world heavyweight championships.

Charlotte Flair Stands Tall

Has The Queen Already Surpassed Her Father’s Legacy?

  • Charlotte began her wrestling career in honor of her brother, Reid.
  • Except for NXTUK, Charlotte has won every conceivable women’s title there is to win.
  • Shockingly, The Queen has yet to appear in an Elimination Chamber match.

When your father is universally considered to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, professional wrestlers of all time, you have a lot to live up to. Thankfully, Charlotte has done that and possibly more. She is, athletically speaking, far superior to Ric in every way. She also has done all she can do to steer away from being a carbon copy of her father while still paying homage to classic Ric Flair mannerisms. The Queen styles and profiles in her own lavish robes, and is not above letting out a Woooooo every now and again.

Carmella Comes From And Has Created A Wrestling Family

The New Money Mommy Will Return Soon And Get Back At It

  • Carmella just needs to win the Raw Women’s title to hold every main roster championship.
  • She is the final WrestleMania Battle Royal winner (2019).
  • Before wrestling, ‘Mella was a cheerleader for The New England Patriots and a Laker Girl.

With a background in dance and cheer, Carmella certainly knows how to perform. With her father being a former journeyman, Paul Van Dale, ‘Mella is able to channel that aspect of her blood that screams the wrestling business.


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She has proven over the years that she is as versatile as an old school Journeyman – whether it’s getting the crowds going with dance breaks with R-Truth or booing the heck out of her and her money-making face, before her career is over, true fans will respect Carmella’s body of work.

Shaul Guerrero Tried To Carry On

Latina Heat Couldn’t Translate Her Lineage To Mainstream WWE Success

  • Shaul Guerrero wrestled in FCW as Raquel Diaz.
  • She left the WWE in 2013 to finish school.
  • Shaul appeared in AEW and Lucha Underground as a special guest ring announcer.

Not every child of a wrestler is destined to re-create their parents’ level of success. When your father is someone as great as Eddie Guerrero, that fête would be near impossible. Whether or not Shaul Guerrero intended to match Eddie’s legacy in the ring is unclear. She tried her hand at the family business before leaving FCW in 2014. She did, however, meet her husband while in WWE Developmental (Aiden English), and has made a name for herself as a burlesque dancer ever since.

Saraya / Paige And Fighting With Her Family

Saraya Has Already Had Major Career Milestones

  • Saraya is named after her mother’s gimmick name, Sweet Saraya.
  • By 15, she was a bouncer at the family’s bar while her folks were wrestling.
  • She has been wrestling since she was 13.

Saraya is the youngest NXT women’s and Divas champion of all time. She had an entire career that most superstars would dream of all before she was thirty years old. She has joked over the years that she has been wrestling since she was in the womb. Her mother – Sweet Saraya didn’t know she was preggers and was still taking bumps. Saraya herself is one of the few wrestlers on this list and elsewhere where both her mother and father were part of the business and that made her story so unique – there was a documentary and a movie produced by The Rock all about her pre-WWE life.

Tessa Blanchard Is Taking A Break

Has Her Time In The Big Time Already Passed Her By?

  • Tessa’s grandfather, Joe Blanchard, was a huge promoter, finding Southwest Championship Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas.
  • She was once married to an Independent star, Daga.
  • Blanchard wrestled in the Mae Young Classic, losing to Kairi Sane.

When Tessa Blanchard first appeared in a WWE ring during the first Mae Young Classic, all eyes were on the daughter of Tully Blanchard and stepdaughter of Magnum TA. Similar to Charlotte Flair, thanks to Tully’s time in The Four Horsemen, there were high hopes for Tessa to achieve massive levels on success. She got to those levels on the Indies, but some of her personal thoughts have left her high and dry (and unsigned).

Arianna Grace Might Make A New Miracle

The Beauty Queen Must’ve Gotten Her Looks From Aunt Santina

  • He might be biased, but Santino Marella thinks his daughter could be a female Rock.
  • Grace was Miss Teen Ontario-World in 2013.
  • Her father (as Santina) returned to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble.

Making her debut in NXT recently, Arianna Grace has been recommended to the company for several years by her father. Dear old dad is one of the only wrestlers to have ever made money by being funny – Santino Marella.


Arianna Grace: 10 Things WWE Fans Should Know About This NXT Star

Because many NXT wrestlers are brand new to some fans, it’s likely that they don’t know much about Arianna Grace, the daughter of Santino Marella!

She saunters around as The Queen Of NXT, and with her looks, it’s hard to blame her. Hopefully, she’s able to parlay the cocky pageant Queen attitude into a big-time career.

Stephanie McMahon Showed She Can Rule

The Billion Dollar Princess Made A Huge Name For Herself

  • Stephanie McMahon worked for WWE from 1998 to 2023.
  • It was the idea of both Jim Cornette and Vince Russo to involve her in storylines.
  • Her final match was at WrestleMania 33 (HHH and Stephanie vs. Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey).

Stephanie McMahon, just like Shane McMahon, had to work for everything she had in WWE and earn her spot. Stephanie had to go to school and get her degree. She had to work for the business from the ground up until she finally got to the level of being the head of creative. Now she is on a sabbatical raising her three daughters while her husband runs all of WWE Creative. Here’s hoping fans can see what the Billion Dollar Princess can do running the company one day.

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