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Wrestling Promotion That Booked Velveteen Dream Issues Statement

WWE released Velveteen Dream – real name Patrick Clark – in May of 2021, five months after his last match for the company, and after a list of issues including a car accident and some very serious allegations. Clark hasn’t wrestled since, or at least he hadn’t until this past weekend. Competing in his first match for almost three years, Clark wrestled for The Dynasty, a promotion based in New York, interrupting the opening match and issuing an open challenge.

Patrick Clark’s Return To Wrestling

Despite Clark’s first wrestling appearance since 2020 being for a minor promotion, it has generated quite a bit of discourse on social media. So much so that the promoters who booked him felt the need to respond.

Last night, we did what most others wouldn’t. We took a risk on a person, and gave them an opportunity for a second chance. A second chance to fulfill their DREAM. We stand by that decision.


Former WWE NXT Star The Velveteen Dream Releases Video Apologizing For Past Actions

Patrick Clark, the man behind the Velveteen Dream, apologized to Triple H and Shawn Michaels among others.

Suffice to say, the comments on the post were eventually turned off, but by that point, a lot of people let the promotion know how they feel about Clark being booked. Even now the comments have been disabled, people continue to voice their opinions via the quote tweets. As a few people noted, that Clark’s appearance wasn’t announced ahead of time suggests the promotion knew what it was doing. That the backlash for booking the former WWE Superstar would have likely resulted in the show’s ticket sales underperforming had Clark been advertised.

Allegations And Arrests

It’s also interesting that Clark came to the ring using the same music he had in WWE. Hard to believe he owns the rights to that music, but since WWE likely doesn’t have a use for it anymore, and may have assumed Clark’s wrestling days were done, it’s entirely possible. While still with WWE, Clark was accused of sending explicit messages to underage fans, accusations he vociferously denied at the time, and an investigation by WWE into the allegations didn’t discover anything suspect.

Clark has remained in the wrestling spotlight since his WWE release for all the wrong reasons. Arrested twice in the space of week in 2022, and then accused of secretly filming party guests in his bathroom while with NXT, Clark has never strayed far from controversy even after leaving WWE. Whether he will be able to return to the ring on a more regular basis following his return at the weekend remains to be seen.

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