Tuesday, April 23

WWE 2K24 Teaser Image Hints At Dudleyz, Kairi Sane, And More Post-Launch

The traditional DLC teaser image has hinted at a lot of legends and current stars coming to the game post-launch.

With only a little more than a week to go until early access for WWE 2K24, its creators have now confirmed every wrestler past and present that will be on the roster at launch. That’s not everyone who will be playable once all is said and done, though. There will be several Superstars added via DLC, and in typical WWE 2K tradition, who is coming post-launch has already been teased.

Dudley Glasses And The Lex Express

2K released its annual DLC teaser image over the weekend and left it to wrestling fans to try and figure out who will be added to WWE 2K24 over the coming months. Some of the clues are so obvious that they are effectively confirmations, while others have got fans discussing who might be coming to the game. Front and center is a pair of black and white glasses that appear to belong to the Dudley Boyz. Significant if it is the Dudleyz as they’ve been missing from the roster for seven years.


WWE 2K24: Every Superstar Confirmed For The Roster So Far

More than 200 Superstars promised, here’s who’s been revealed to be in the game so far.

Other legends teased include DDP via an image of the symbol he makes with his hands, Lex Luger if that is indeed the Lex Express on the far right of the picture, and the guitar likely means Honky Tonk Man since Jeff Jarrett is in AEW and Elias is a free agent. There’s also an older version of the Women’s Title included in the image that has fans confused. Not because there isn’t anyone it might be, but because that could be teasing anyone who held that title who hasn’t already been announced.

The Pirate Princess And Carlito’s Likely Return

There are quite a lot of current stars teased in the image too. The ship wheel is almost certainly an indicator that Kairi Sane will be added to the game post-launch, a Nia Jax teaser is in there somewhere, and the apple with a bite out of it almost definitely points to Carlito being in the game. Another big one as it will be the first time Carlito has been playable in a mainline WWE video game since SmackDown vs. Raw 2010.

As always, 2K has managed to cram a lot into a single picture. So much that there will be things in there we don’t pick up on no matter how much we stare. Other clues that might point to certain Superstars include a feather suggesting Lyra Valkyria will be in the game, Jimmy Hart’s megaphone, and the word Funk hinting the late Terry Funk will be a part of the game. Missing from the image is a teaser suggesting CM Punk will be added post-launch. The Second City Saint’s return to WWE may have come too later for him to be a part of this year’s installment, even via DLC.

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