Saturday, April 13

WWE Announces Official Plans For US Championship Title Tournament


  • Logan Paul announces an 8-man tournament for the United States Championship and includes top talent like Karrion Kross and Bobby Lashley.
  • Kevin Owens confronts Logan Paul, leading to a match where Owens wins with a roll-up victory.
  • The interaction between Paul and Owens suggests they will face off in an exciting match for the championship, bringing new relevance to the title.

During Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown, United States Champion Logan Paul returned and dropped a bombshell as far as the championship is concerned. Saying he was disappointed that he couldn’t give Rey Mysterio a rematch because of Rey’s injury, Paul talked to general manager Nick Aldis and the two put into motion plans to hold an eight-man United States Championship No. 1 contenders tournament.

Paul didn’t waste time during his return to SmackDown to drop big news. He announced that Santos Escobar, Dragon Lee, Karrion Kross, Bobby Lashley, Grayson Waller, Austin Theory, an unnamed NXT star, and Kevin Owens would all be part of the tournament. The winner would get a shot at Paul for his title. The creative direction for the belt not only gives Paul time to be part of the show without having to wrestle, but it also brings a new level of importance to the title as the names involved include some marquee talent.

Once the tournament was announced, Kevin Owens decided to show up. He got right in Paul’s face, reminding him that he’s in his world of wrestling, not some social media video or a hyped up boxing match. Owens and Logan looked they were going to throw down when Grayson Waller and Austin Theory showed up. Annoying Owens as usual, K.O. popped Theory in the face, proving that he could throw a right hand as good as Paul could. Waller and Owens had a match with Paul on commentary, and K.O. escaped with the roll-up victory.


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Waller targeted Owens’ hand, so it will be intriguing to see if that plays a role in The Prize Fighter’s spot in the tournament, or how it affects his chances of advancing. But, with Paul knocking Owens during the match on commentary, and Owens getting the win, the hint is certainly there that these two will be going toe-to-toe at some point.

Paul and Owens Is An Exciting US Title Match-Up

Paul has brought new relevance to that championship in a short amount of time and Owens going after it only elevates it more. These two have the potential to pull of an incredible match if that’s how this all plays out. Their chemistry on Friday was off the charts. One can only imagine what else they can do if given the floor and time to wrestle.

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