Friday, February 23

WWE Announces Partnership With To Air WWE Speed


  • WWE announces new show “WWE Speed” exclusively on, featuring high-paced timed matches with favorite WWE Superstars.
  • Fans speculated about “WWE Speed” concept, with countdown clocks indicating fast-paced content airing on social media or as part of a new show.
  • WWE’s move to digital streaming continues with, raising the possibility of exclusive shows on platforms like YouTube or Twitch in the future.

On a night that was all about Cody Rhodes, The Rock, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, WWE dropped another bit of news that has gone largely undiscussed. During the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff show and press conference on Thursday, WWE confirmed a new show that will be coming exclusively to

The company, specifically Michael Cole, announced that WWE Speed is coming to Twitter. Described as a new weekly video series showcasing up to 5-minute matches, this will be a new show that won’t air on television or Netflix. These matches will be distributed exclusively on X! beginning in the Spring of 2024. The company announced, “WWE and X will deliver the new format for high-paced timed matches showcasing your favorite WWE Superstars!”

There was talk several weeks ago that WWE was working on something called Speed. It wasn’t entirely clear what the concept was or where it would be airing, but it appeared they were time matches with a countdown clock. WWE introduced “WWE Speed” idea at shows before tapings and fans started sharing images and videos on social media. It appeared WWE was appealing to fans looking for fast-paced content.

Most fans put the puzzle pieces together and noticed that the presence of a dedicated logo and countdown timer suggested WWE may air these matches, possibly on social media or as part of a new show. It’s unclear if “WWE Speed” will become a regular show, but the polished production and strategic gameplay make it intriguing for viewers.


Cody Rhodes Chooses Roman Reigns For WrestleMania 40

Cody Rhodes has chosen Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 40, walking back his decision from this Friday’s SmackDown.

WWE Goes More Digital Streaming Content

Following the announcement that the company has signed a $5 billion deal with Netflix, it looks as though WWE is moving off of broadcast television and moving to digital streaming to air its content. This deal with follows that same pattern. While it’s not everyone’s favorite platform, WWE understands the significance of X and why it’s crucial for them.

One has to wonder if the company will start using other platforms to air specific programming. Could YouTube get an exclusive WWE show? AEW had already embraced the idea, and WWE gets far more YouTube traffic. What about Twitch?

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