Friday, February 23

WWE Appears To Have Updated CM Punk’s Alumni Profile


  • CM Punk’s potential return to WWE has fans speculating and closely monitoring any hints or changes related to his possible comeback.
  • WWE recently updated Punk’s alumni profile on its website, fueling speculation about his return.
  • The combination of the profile update, references on Raw, and speculation of a Survivor Series appearance suggests that CM Punk may be making a return to WWE.

CM Punk is once again unattched which means until he says he isn’t, fans think he might show up anywhere. Who am I kidding? Even if Punk were to categorically say he has retired from pro wrestling and won’t be showing up in any promotion ever again, we’d never believe him. The leading theory right now is that Punk will return to WWE, something that seemed impossible as recently as 12 months ago, and a tweak to his page on has poured even more fuel on those flames.

Profile Page Updated

You know that with Punk potentially coming back to WWE very soon, at any given moment there will be multiple fans searching his name and keeping a close eye on anything that might hint at what’s to come. That’s why when a change was seemingly made to Punk’s alumni profile on, people noticed it right away. What was changed exactly hasn’t been determined, just that an alteration of some sort was made.

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A number of fans have shared screenshots of a search result indicating that Punk’s profile on the WWE site had been updated within the past 24 hours. Again, exactly why WWE would update Punk’s profile isn’t clear, but there are plenty of theories out there. The leading one is naturally that the promotion is putting the pieces in place for Punk’s return. Survivor Series will be in Chicago, and some fans are adamant that’s where we’ll see Punk return.

What It Might Mean

Another theory is that WWE has uploaded a clip of an old Punk match and that triggered an update to his alumni page. I’m not going to pretend I know the ins and outs of how this sort of thing works, and I have no idea if a video update of that kind would lead to this. When isolated, I don’t think this would be enough to prove Punk is coming back. Combine everything though, and the evidence is looking more and more telling with each passing day.

A report surfaced earlier this week claiming Punk was scheduled to meet with WWE board members, but then a conflicting report claimed that wasn’t the case at all. Whether WWE does have plans to bring Punk back or not, it is certainly having a lot of fun with it. Even if the profile update wasn’t an intentional tease, there’s no doubting the references on Raw and Shinsuke Nakamura using the GTS were ways to get fans talking.

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