Wednesday, November 29

WWE Declined To Meet Edge’s Contract Demands [Report]


  • Speculation grows as WWE Hall of Famer Edge departs from WWE, potentially heading to AEW due to WWE’s refusal to meet his demands.
  • Edge sought a deal to continue his wrestling career, but WWE’s rejection raises questions about his value and financial aspects.
  • Fans eagerly await updates on Edge’s future, with the possibility of a reunion with tag team partner Christian Cage if he joins AEW, which could reshape the wrestling landscape.

In a sudden turn of events that paints Edge’s last match on SmackDown in an entirely different light, the WWE Hall of Famer’s departure from WWE is fueling speculation that he could be en route to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The new information coming to light, as reported by PWTorch, is that Edge made an offer to WWE outlining the terms for his continued presence, but the company opted not to meet his demands.

If Edge wanted to stay and WWE didn’t want to pay for him to stick around, his parting ways with the company at the end of September has led to growing speculation that Edge might be on his way to AEW, driven by his understanding of the opportunities that may await him there.


Contrary to the assumption of retirement, Edge seemingly sought a specific deal to prolong his wrestling career. However, WWE’s decision to decline the terms has raised questions about the financial aspects or perceived value associated with his continuation in the company. Perhaps Edge caught word of what AEW was willing to pay and took that to WWE. In the midst of the sale with Endeavor, WWE might have chosen to meet those terms. Perhaps no assumed offer is out there, with Edge operating under the assumption that AEW will be interested. Perhaps he has no intention of jumping over at all. Time will tell.

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If he does make the jump, how often he would compete and the role he might undertake within AEW’s roster are still unknown variables. A compelling possibility could involve a reunion or a matchup with his former tag team partner, Christian Cage. However, the unfolding of this narrative will ultimately determine the course of Edge’s next chapter.

Fans Will Now Wait To See If WWE Changes Their Minds

The wrestling community now eagerly awaits official announcements and developments that could shed light on Edge’s future in the industry. As the end of his deal approaches, WWE might have a change of heart and meet him somewhere closer to what he wants. Maybe they just don’t want him in AEW and are willing to pay for him not to go.

If Edge indeed makes the leap to AEW, it would undoubtedly bolster the company’s star power and potentially redefine dynamics within the wrestling landscape. At the same time, it’s hard to know how much of a draw Edge is and if AEW is willing to hand out huge money, if it will be worth the investment.

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