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WWE Elimination Chamber Ticket Sales Confusion Dominates Social Media

WWE has been a globetrotting promotion for decades, but it will really kick things up a notch in 2024. The company has already confirmed it will be holding premium live events in Germany, France, and Australia, and I’m assuming there will be the usual two PLEs in Saudi Arabia as well. Doubt was cast over the potential success of taking Elimination Chamber down under over the weekend though as a report claimed only 8,000 tickets had been sold for a show taking place in a stadium that can hold 60,000 fans.

8,000 Or 45,000?

The report came from the Wrestling Observer (subscription required), conflicting with claims earlier in the year that 45,000 tickets had already been sold. That’s what led to clashes between journalists and fans all weekend long as they attempted to figure out the truth. 8,000 tickets for a major show in a rarely visited territory seemed unbelievable, whereas 45,000 tickets sold in a matter of days felt equally unreal.


WWE Confirms Massive Australia Stadium Show For Elimination Chamber 2024

The demonic structure is heading Down Under.

Days later, there is still no consensus on how many tickets have actually been sold. Wrestletix, an account dedicated to tracking how many tickets have been sold for major wrestling shows, confirmed that The Observer misread a stat on their spreadsheet and that the number of tickets sold thus far is far higher than 7,000. However, the account did also confirm that there is a deal being offered on tickets locally which may mean sales aren’t quite as strong as WWE would hope them to be.

The Truth Lies Somewhere In The Middle

The Observer’s Dave Meltzer has since concurred that the 8,000 sold report was a mistake and confirmed north of 30,000 tickets have been sold for the event. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp has also reported this figure, claiming they checked with a source at WWE who laughed at the idea of the show only selling 8,000 tickets with two months to go. They also revealed Australia’s Rhea Ripley will be heading down under with Dominik Mysterio to promote the PLE soon.

It’s no surprise there has been confusion over ticket sales considering how closely guarded WWE keeps its numbers in that arena. More than 30 years later, the true attendance of WrestleMania 3 is still disputed. WWE tends to count absolutely everyone in the arena, including staff, which is why many believe AEW’s All In at Wembley Stadium this year to technically be the highest-attended wrestling event in history. There are disputes over how many tickets were sold for that show too, though.

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