Thursday, November 30

WWE feels that Omos is making great progress and sees the recent match as a turning point.

Omos is making big strides when it comes to his in-ring career, and apparently, WWE has taken notice.

According to PWInsider, WWE has been quite happy with the progress of one of their new big men. Omos, who is relatively inexperienced compared to other WWE Superstars, is in the good books of WWE. As such, the momentum he’s getting is likely to continue, and according to those who matter behind the scenes, they were particularly impressed with his recent WWE Backlash match against Seth Rollins.

While Rollins is known as someone who can bring out the best in his opponents, it takes two to tango and Omos was part of a match that the creative teams feel showed he’s making progress. The report notes that the feeling behind the scenes was that this particular game was one of the best major games he has ever had. That’s a good sign when it comes to his plans for the Nigerian Giant, especially if the plan is to eventually market him as a top performer or dangerous threat to a major title.



Omos is one of the few free agents coming out of this year’s WWE Draft. The plan seems to be to keep as many options open for the extra large attraction and its ability to go to any mark you want and float back and forth means it can be used when the time is right. Whoever wins the new World Heavyweight Championship, it should come as no surprise to fans if Omos and MVP make a move against the new champion before long.

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Can Omos be a main event player?

Omos has received criticism in the past for how slow he has been to learn the art of professional wrestling. Even he has spoken publicly about having to ignore the haters and just do what he can to get better every day. In his defense, he’s much better than when he was first called up to WWE’s main roster.

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