Sunday, April 14

WWE Female Star Takes Massive Shot At Company Over WWE Speed Announcement


  • Piper Niven criticizes WWE for promoting short matches not for women, calling for more focus on female wrestling.
  • Niven’s social media posts suggest frustration with lack of push for women in WWE Speed promotion.
  • Fans speculate if Niven’s criticism is genuine or an attempt to raise awareness about her underutilization in WWE.

Not everyone is thrilled by WWE’s announcement that WWE Speed is coming this April and that the show will be a big feature for the company, with a new Speed Championship introduced as part of the promotion. In fact, one WWE female star took to social media to criticize the fact that the company is promoting short matches and it’s not for the women, who are typically asked to work abbreviated bouts anyways.

Piper Niven was all over WWE’s announcement on Thursday, taking shots at the company for promoting short matches, but asking the women’s division to wrestle in quicker bouts and not promoting them. She wrote, “3-minute matches? LADIES ITS OUR TIME TO SHINE! Wait, Whadaya mean it’s not for us?” When her post got comments on her response to the video WWE aired on Thursday promoting WWE Speed, and one user wrote that Triple H should book the women more strongly, she responded: “Shhhhhhh don’t be grassing me up to the big man. Mumma P will be having no-minute matches if we keep that up.” She suggested that if it was believed she was complaining about her spot on the roster, she’d lose any possible chance of a push completely.

“This could have been Niven joking around and trying to be funny. When asked about whether her quotes were meant to be in jest and when she got so funny, she noted, “Only when it’s PLE time and everyone important is far to busy to notice me and my jokes.” In another post, she wrote, “That’s why it’s funnyyyyyy duh. Other good responses would have been 3 minutes? Perfect amount of time for you! Or 3 minutes can you stay off the bench that long?”


Piper Niven: Age, Height, Relationship & More To Know About Her

With Piper Niven’s stock rising on WWE’s main roster, it is only natural that fans want to start learning more and more about her.

Niven Has Been Underutilized, But Is She Truly Upset?

There’s no denying that Piper Niven hasn’t been used much. It’s logical to assume she would be frustrated with a lack of push or direction on WWE programming. And, if this is her way to bringing attention to her booking so that she gets more time, it will be intriguing to see if it works.

That said, if she’s truly upset that WWE isn’t using her, how long before she’s ready to move on or WWE is ready to move on from her? Let’s hope this is all just a humorous attempt to stir some conversation on social media. She’s one of the company’s more talented performers.

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