Saturday, April 13

WWE Has Finally Ditched The WWE And Universal Championships

Roman Reigns finally returned to SmackDown on Friday night. The Tribal Chief successfully defended the Undisputed Title against Jey Uso at SummerSlam two months ago, stopped by a few days later, and he’s been absent ever since. The Bloodline has been falling apart since then, and one of WWE‘s biggest titles has been missing in his absence. Well, technically three of them have been missing, although it seems Reigns’ old titles have finally been retired.

One Title Instead Of Three

Even though the new Undisputed Title was presumably introduced so Reigns no longer needed to carry two belts around, The Head of the Table continued to have his wiseman Paul Heyman carry them around behind him. That was until SmackDown last week. Reigns wore his Undisputed Title to the ring when interrupting John Cena, and Heyman had his hands free behind him.

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Just to confirm the championships have been retired for good, later in the show, when Reigns was speaking with Jimmy Uso backstage, Heyman had been handed the Undisputed Title to clutch to his chest but again, no other titles to be seen. It makes sense that the championships have finally been retired since they were no longer active and aren’t on the line when Reigns defends his championship. Might have been a little awkward if he still had them whenever he eventually does lose.

Back For Crown Jewel

Reigns seems to have returned to defend the Undisputed Title with Crown Jewel on the horizon. There were murmurings Cena might get a shot at The Tribal Chief, but the 16-time champion made it pretty clear he thinks someone else deserves that shot, and that someone is LA Knight. Knight was the other Superstar rumored to possibly be Reigns’ opponent at Crown Jewel, and although the match is yet to be confirmed, it seems pretty likely that will now be the case.

I was never a fan of Heyman continuing to carry the old titles even though Reigns had been given a shiny new gold one. On top of the confusion when Reigns defends the Undisputed Title and exactly what a potential winner would walk away with, I think it watered down the legacy of the championships being left behind and possibly even confused new and casual fans. Have two World Champions, each with their own titles, and leave it at that.

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