Saturday, February 24

WWE Introduces Concept Match/Show Called “WWE Speed”


  • WWE introduced “WWE Speed” with 5-minute matches, adding urgency and appealing to fans looking for fast-paced content.
  • The presence of a dedicated logo and countdown timer suggests WWE may air these matches, possibly on social media or as part of a new show.
  • It’s unclear if “WWE Speed” will become a regular show, but the polished production and strategic gameplay make it intriguing for viewers.

In what might be an experimental move, a test pilot, or the start of new show nobody seemed to know about, WWE introduced a new concept called “WWE Speed” during the tapings before Friday’s SmackDown. It’s an intriguing twist on a traditional singles match and it’s not clear where and when it will air.

Holding two matches before this past Friday’s episode of SmackDown, the concept comes with a logo and graphics, as though it might be a new show. The format features matches with a strict 5-minute countdown clock, adding a sense of urgency to the bouts. The inaugural “WWE Speed” matches showcased Bronson Reed defeating NXT’s Nathan Frazier and Cedric Alexander triumphing over Axiom.

Some fans have compared it to old show like 205Live and Velocity, but there doesn’t seem to be a weight class and there appears to be point system.

The presence of a dedicated “WWE Speed” graphic and countdown timer for each match suggests that the promotion may be planning to air these matches, possibly on WWE’s social media channels or as part of a new show. Wrestlers from various brands were featured on LED boards around the ring, indicating a cross-brand approach to this concept.

The matches were taped for what could be a potential new show titled “WWE Speed.” Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves provided commentary during the matches, further suggesting that the concept is being considered for broadcast. The show follows a time-limited format, reminiscent of styles seen in promotions like STARDOM and CMLL.


WWE Smackdown Winners and Losers: Roman Reigns Returns, Orton vs. Jimmy Uso

This week’s SmackDown saw the return of Roman Reigns and a main even match between Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso.

Not Sure What WWE Speed Is For Quite Yet

While it’s not confirmed whether “WWE Speed” will become a regular show, the presence of a dedicated logo displayed on the video wall, ring apron, and ring posts during the taping hints at a more polished production. The 5-minute time limit adds a unique dynamic, requiring wrestlers to strategize and execute quickly, potentially appealing to fans looking for fast-paced and dynamic content.

If it is a show, how many matches will be featured should be interesting to watch. Clearly, the bouts won’t be long, so there’s either a lot of filler or a lot of matches on one program. Unless, this is just for social media where short clips are great for traffic.

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