Wednesday, February 28

WWE May Have Teased Kazuchika Okada’s Arrival During NXT Vengeance Day

NXT‘s first premium live event is in the books via Vengeance Day. No new champions were crowned, but the show ended with an expected, but still impactful, turn on Trick Williams by Carmelo Hayes. There was also a mysterious teaser, presumably for an imminent signing, during the show, and fans have been trying to figure out who it might be hinting at ever since it aired.

Man Has Three Faces

The short clip didn’t feature any images. Just a phrase speaking about three faces.

Man has three faces. One the world sees. One his family sees. And the real one no one sees, but reflects the evil he truly possesses.

It didn’t take long for fans to figure out that the phrase appears to be taken from a Japanese proverb. One that says people have three faces: one for the world, one for friends and family, and one they never show anyone. Since the teaser features nothing more than a proverb inspired by Japan, the assumption is it’s teasing the arrival of a Japanese star, and the biggest Japanese star on the free agent market right now is Kazuchika Okada.


Kazuchika Okada’s PWT Store Closure Doesn’t Necessarily Mean He’s WWE-Bound

Okada’s PWT store is closing today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what you might think it means.

Okada’s New Japan contract officially ended on January 31 meaning he is now free to sign with and appear for any wrestling promotion he likes. It’s believed both AEW and WWE have been vying for his signature, and that if he were to pick WWE, despite his experience and star power, he’d start life there in NXT. Perhaps the Vengeance Day teaser is the first indicator that Okada really is okay with that and has opted to sign with WWE.

Who Could It Be?

There are other stars with Japanese connections that WWE might be teasing the arrival of in NXT, though. While not Japanese, Tama Tonga has been heavily linked with WWE lately and previously wrestled for NJPW for an extended period. WWE also appears to be very interested in signing Giulia, a female Japanese star who seems eager to broaden her horizons in the near future.

I still think Okada will sign with AEW over WWE. Not only because he already has a history with the former, but also because it seems likely AEW will let Okada continue living in Japan, similar to the deal it has with Will Ospreay. If Okada were to sign with WWE, he’d have to move to Florida, especially if he’s going to start in NXT. Still a possibility, especially after the Vengeance Day tease.

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