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WWE Monitoring Online Reaction To Cody Rhodes And The Rock WrestleMania Change


  • WWE is closely monitoring fan responses to Roman Reigns, The Rock, and Cody Rhodes, as they are concerned about potential backlash and negative reactions.
  • The company may need to pivot and change their plans due to the strong fan support for Cody Rhodes and the backlash towards The Rock’s involvement.
  • WWE’s main concerns are the possibility of The Rock getting booed, the Philly crowd hijacking WrestleMania, and storylines being ruined, so they may need to course correct to avoid these issues.

WWE is monitoring the responses surrounding Roman Reigns, The Rock, and Cody Rhodes, writes wrestling site PWlnsider. Considering the early backlash to the news that Cody is out and The Rock is in, fans have been extremely vocal and shared their frustration with a booking decision that could lead to a Daniel Bryan 2.0 scenario.

For fans that don’t know, it was WrestleMania 30 (10 years ago) that WWE was forced to alter their original creative ideas because the organic support for Daniel Bryan to be in the main event was so strong, the company was concerned fans would boo, make a scene, or essentially revolt against anything else the creative time put together. Ultimately, Bryan went on to win the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match against Batista and Randy Orton.


The report by PWInsider notes that WWE has seen the responses to The Rock’s return and Cody’s choice to step aside and let The People’s Champion go after Reigns. They don’t like the way this is all unfolding and WWE might feel the need to pivot again.

They write:

It’s live TV every single week. They can change direction any time they want and pivot to something different, including the original Cody vs. Roman plan. Whether they actually do remain to be seen. My gut is that we’ll see Rock vs. Roman but it’s always possible Rock and/or WWE management will see the negative responses and seek to prevent that from getting worse. We’ll see. I know that WWE was absolutely monitoring the responses.

In fairness, WWE probably thought they were doing the right thing by having The Rock challenge Reigns. This is a match fans have been quite vocal about the company was building up towards with The Bloodline Head of the Table storyline for years. It’s hard to imagine they expected this kind of reaction. What they didn’t anticipate was the groundswell of support for Cody Rhodes and that any attempt to push The Bloodline storyline ahead of Rhodes finishing his story was going to get the WWE Universe stirred up.

What fans don’t like is the lack of loyalty towards Rhodes. He didn’t win last year and he’s waited a full year to get another shot.

Will The WWE Course Correct?

If the fans continue to make their voices heard, WWE might have no choice but to switch things up. Their concerns should be The Rock getting booed, the Philly crowd for WrestleMania hijacking the show, or storylines being ruined based on one poorly-timed decision. Right now, fans are making The Rock out to be a villain here. That’s the last thing WWE wants and they have Monday’s Raw to try and pedal back and course correct.

If they make the right change and announce it at the WrestleMania press conference, they may be able to save face.

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