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WWE Network To Be Discontinued At The End Of 2024 Following Netflix Deal


  • WWE Network will be discontinued by the end of 2024 due to their new partnership with Netflix, signaling a shift towards broader digital distribution channels.
  • All archival and classic WWE content will be moved to Netflix, except in a few countries where Netflix is not available as an option.
  • Fans who previously subscribed to WWE Network will migrate over to Netflix, potentially impacting the cost of the average Netflix user.

Following the big news that WWE has landed a $5 billion deal to move Monday Night Raw to Netflix, news surfaced that other WWE content from their vast library, along with documentaries featuring their superstars would also move to Netflix. As such, reports about WWE Network was surely to follow. And, as per those reports, the WWE Network is set to shut down by the end of 2024.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the WWE Network will be discontinued at the end of this year when WWE’s new deal with Netflix comes into effect. Along with Raw, all archival and classic content will be moved to the platform outside of the United States. Following WWE’s new partnership with Netflix, the wrestling content hub will cease operations, outside of potentially a few countries that doesn’t have Netflix as an option.

The move signifies WWE’s strategic shift towards broader digital distribution channels and eliminates WWE’s own platform, something that was already being downgraded because of their agreement with Peacock.


Launched in 2014, the WWE Network revolutionized professional wrestling broadcasting. Offering an extensive library of on-demand content, pay-per-views, and original programming, it became a one-stop destination for wrestling fans. WrestleMania and other marquee events streamed live, providing global access for a monthly fee. It essentially removed WWE from pay-per-view services and at the time, it was considered a bold move, one that was scrutinized by many. And, while it was a game-changing decision, to be fair, challenges emerged, leading to changes.


Why The WWE Network Is A Success (& Why It Has Failed)

The WWE Network was a revolutionary concept when it went live in 2014, and has had a lot of successes and failures since then.

In 2021, WWE sold its US streaming rights to NBCU, reducing the WWE Network’s domestic footprint. The recent decision to discontinue WWE Network in 2024, with classic content transitioning to Netflix, reflects WWE’s adaptability amid evolving digital landscapes and their willingness to make Netflix a new major partner. Essentially, Netflix didn’t just buy the rights to Raw, they purchased most of WWE’s vast library, making the deal much more valuable for them.

Fans Will Migrate Over to Netflix

There have been a ton of fans on social media talking about how they don’t love the news about Netflix because they got rid of their Netflix account. Now, those same fans will be going back. Those that used to spend on WWE network monthly subscriptions now will get the Netflix subscription. How it affects the cost for the average Netflix user because WWE is now on the platform remains to be seen.

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