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WWE Provides Injury Updates On Austin Theory, Carmello Hayes After Scary SmackDown Bump


  • Both Austin Theory and Carmello Hayes suffered face contusions during their match on SmackDown but will be okay.
  • The match was stopped due to concern for the competitors’ well-being, highlighting WWE’s commitment to prioritizing safety.
  • This is the second time in a few weeks that a match has been stopped by WWE officials due to potential injuries, showing their responsible approach to protecting their superstars.

Good news for fans of both Austin Theory and Carmello Hayes on Friday night. After a scary incident in the ring during their matchup on SmackDown, WWE has provided injury updates on the two stars and says both are going to be OK. The company wrote in a social media post a couple of hours after the show ended, “UPDATE: Following their match tonight on #SmackDown, @_Theory1 and @Carmelo_WWE were evaluated for injuries. They both suffered face contusions, and will both be okay.”

It was an unsettling moment for wrestling fans, when both Carmelo Hayes and Austin Theory appeared to sustain injuries during a maneuver where Theory was trying to do a top-rope avalanche flatliner. Hayes seemingly caught his foot on the rope on the way down, which halted the momentum of both men. Theory landed awkwardly on his head and neck, while Hayes seemed to roll through, but also landed strangely on his head.


WWE Smackdown Winners and Losers: Theory Hurt, Bayley and Solo Sikoa Stranded

This week’s SmackDown included a solid singles match, an unfortunate injury, and an interesting swerve for The Bloodline.

The competitive clash between WWE’s rising stars took an unexpected turn and the official called to stop the match right then and there. From the referees reaction, Theory experienced a visible head and/or neck injury prompting an abrupt match conclusion. Clearly, it was better to take the cautious approach and medical personele checked on both men.

Commentators Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick responsibly highlighted the inherent risks of in-ring action, smoothly transitioning to the preparations for the main event. At the same time, Graves noted that WWE would keep fans up to speed and to watch the social media accounts for more information. This was not a worked or planned part of the match. It was a legitimate stoppage out of concern for both competitor’s well being.

WWE Stressing Caution Over Storyline

This is the second time in only a couple of weeks that a match has been stopped by an official when it appeared a competitor was injured. A couple of weeks ago on Raw, Giovani Vinci took a stiff dropkick from Kofi Kingston and the bout was stopped out of concussion concen. Vinci wound up being alright too, but will miss the next few shows.

This is a good business practice by WWE not to let matches continue when there is worry about a superstar’s safety. Long gone are the days of “shaking it off” and toughing it out.

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