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WWE Reportedly Has Plans For CM Punk While Out With Injury

WWE may want CM Punk to do other work for the company while he’s out of action due to a tricep injury. But, it’s not clear this is the best idea.


  • CM Punk is currently rehabbing from a torn tricep, causing speculation about his future in WWE.
  • Reports suggest that WWE is considering shifting Punk’s role to non-wrestling duties and potentially using him for commentary.
  • The challenge lies in maintaining the injury storyline involving Drew McIntyre while also involving Punk in an onscreen role. It might be more suitable for Punk to return as a surprise at SummerSlam.

As CM Punk undergoes rehab from surgery for a torn tricep, the wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about his future role in WWE. Timing-wise, he dodged a bullet with all of the drama surrounding The Rock, Cody Rhodes, and Roman Reigns. At the same time, he’ll miss WrestleMania 40 and WWE can’t be happy about the fact one of their hottest tickets can’t wrestle. The question becomes, can WWE find another way to use him? Per a report, it sounds like the company is at least thinking about that very thing.

With months of in-ring action off the table, reports suggest Punk has already contributed at the WWE Performance Center. He’s spent time down there since his return to WWE, training and visiting with NXT stars. Some believe he could shift his role over the next few months to a few non-wrestling duties. According to Fightful Select, Punk’s involvement at the Performance Center is seen as an indicator of more to come.


Everything We Know About CM Punk’s Triceps Injury, Explained

CM Punk made a shocking return to WWE in late 2023, but a Royal Rumble injury will leave him missing WrestleMania 40.

The report also draws attention to comments from his close friend Ace Steel. Steel revealed that WWE is interested in him providing commentary for one of their shows. It was reported on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast this week that WWE is keen on Punk taking up a commentary role because he’s such a good talker and having him on the show might be better than keeping him off of television. However, he acknowledges the challenge posed by the recent injury storyline involving Drew McIntyre.

CM Punk Injury WWE

Should WWE Prioritize Storyline Or Punk on TV?

While WWE seems inclined toward a commentary gig for Punk, the injury angle complicates matters. Steel expresses concern about Punk sharing the screen with McIntyre and having that storyline take a backseat simply because WWE is worried too long away is bad for business. With Punk being portrayed as injured, Punk did say he was coming for McIntyre. It doesn’t make much sense to have him calmly sit at the commentary desk and talk about McIntyre without wanting a piece of flesh.

Steel suggests that if Punk takes on an onscreen role, it might be more suitable for NXT. Even then, would WWE not be better off waiting and bringing Punk back as a surprise and in time to take on a big role at SummerSlam?

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