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WWE Setting Up Big WrestleMania Match For Dominik Mysterio [Rumor]

Could WWE be planning a big swerve on Monday that will lead to an undercard match at WrestleMania 40?

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  • Andrade’s potential feud with Dominik could lead to a big match at WrestleMania 40, providing a fresh storyline for both wrestlers.
  • Judgement Day is eyeing Andrade for a possible recruitment, but he may choose to turn them down, leading to a match with Dominik.
  • A match between Andrade and Dominik would be a great opportunity for WWE to showcase both talents and provide a boost for Andrade’s career.

WWE might be working on something big for Dominik Mysterio and Andrade El Idolo. Based on recent developments at Raw, Andrade is being recruited by Judgement Day and they’ll be watching closely as he wrestles in Chicago on Monday. This past week, the faction told Andrade that if he impresses they might bring him in, but there’s a good chance this entire exchange and what’s coming on Monday could lead to a match at WrestleMania 40.

Andrade returned to WWE at The Royal Rumble. As great as it was to bring him back, he’s not done much on WWE programming since then. He’s had a couple of matches but nothing memorable and recently, he’s caught the eye of Judgement Day. Andrade has been teasing on social media that he’s looking forward to showing the group what he can do, but it seems as likely that he impresses, only to turn them down. If that happens, a match with Dominik could be in the cards.

While JD McDonagh doesn’t have a match either, Dirty Dom is the most prominent member of the faction without an opponent for WrestleMania. Damian Priest will be teaming with Finn Balor to defend their WWE Tag Team Championships in a Six-Way Ladder Match. Rhea Ripley is going up against Becky Lynch in a match billed as Mami vs. The Man. Dom has yet to be booked and a bout with Andrade would make sense.

If WWE is interested in giving Andrade a big match as the babyface, Dom is an ideal opponent because the fans still love to boo him. And, these two can both go in the ring and would tear the house down in an undercard match on either one of the two nights at the Showcase of the Immortals.


Everything We Know About Andrade’s AEW Exit, Explained

When Andrade left WWE in 2021, expectations were high for his time in AEW, but after a failed run, he is headed back to where he met Charlotte Flair.

Andrade Needs A Creative Boost

Fans have been disappointed in the way Andrade has been booked since returning. His first go-round in WWE was underwhelming and he left for AEW, where he didn’t do much there either. He’s now getting a second run in WWE and the hope is that Triple H will see the talent Vince McMahon ignored and give him a storyline worth investing in. Going up against one of the more entertaining, but hated heels in Dirty Dom is as big a match as Andrade would have had since his return. A win would give him a nice push forward for after WrestleMania.

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