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WWE Superstars Being Kept In The Dark On Who Shinsuke Nakamura Is Calling Out


  • Shinsuke Nakamura is calling out a mystery opponent and has been teasing their reveal in a series of videos, fueling speculation online.
  • The identity of Nakamura’s opponent is a closely guarded secret, with even people backstage not being told who it is.
  • Despite rumors and teases, it has been confirmed that Randy Orton will not be Nakamura’s opponent, which has only increased expectations that it might be CM Punk.

After trying and failing to dethrone Seth Rollins as World Champion on two occasions, Shinsuke Nakamura has moved on to calling out a mystery opponent. The King of Strong Style has appeared in a series of videos threatening to strike someone he is yet to name, warning them that the time is near and they still haven’t revealed themselves. Although Nakamura hasn’t explicitly said the reveal will happen at Survivor Series, the expectation is that’s where the big reveal will go down.

A Closely Guarded Secret

Nakamura doesn’t have a match on the show, and it’s entirely possible even he doesn’t know who it is he’s calling out. According to Fightful Select (via WrestlingHeadlines), who exactly Nakamura is likely set to feud with is a closely guarded secret, and even people backstage haven’t been told who it’s going to be. That WWE is so keen to keep it a mystery has only fueled speculation online that it’s going to be one free agent, in particular.

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I am, of course, talking about CM Punk. On the one hand, it still seems very unlikely that Punk will be the one Nakamura has been referencing. However, that WWE has been so vigilant about keeping the name hidden has made some people believe it has to be Punk. There have been plenty of teases on Raw suggesting Punk might be on his way back too, including Nakamura using the former WWE Champion’s finisher, the GTS.

Seth Rollins v Shinsuke Nakamura Payback 2023 1 Cropped

It’s Definitely Not Randy Orton

One thing we now know for sure is the man Nakamura is referencing is not Randy Orton. The Viper has been confirmed to be back at Survivor Series, but it won’t be to face Nakamura. Orton will be the fifth member of Cody Rhodes’ team in the men’s WarGames match, supposedly revealed ahead of time so fans didn’t expect Punk. That plan has only half-worked as clearly a lot of people are still expecting Punk to show up on Saturday.

I’m torn over what to expect from this reveal. I’ve gotten my hopes up when it comes to wrestling enough times to have learned my lesson, or at least I hope I have. However, despite WWE trying to get Punk off people’s minds, whether they admit it or not, they have definitely been playing into the fact Punk is available. It has now reached a stage where anyone other than Punk will get a negative reaction, no matter how big a deal their appearance might be.

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