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WWE Women’s Division Open To Bringing Back AJ Lee


  • AJ Lee’s potential return to WWE is generating buzz and excitement, with fans and female wrestlers alike expressing interest in collaborating with her.
  • AJ Lee’s previous success in WWE, holding the Divas Championship three times, coupled with the current elevated status of women’s wrestling in the company, makes her return a potentially huge addition.
  • AJ Lee’s skill set, charisma, and timing align perfectly with the current WWE calendar, making her a valuable and welcomed addition to the women’s division. Her potential return adds excitement to the industry.

The buzz and excitement surrounding CM Punk’s return to WWE has sparked numerous rumors about the possible return of his wife, AJ Lee, to the company. After Punk’s departure from WWE in 2014, AJ Lee exited shortly thereafter, participating in her final match for the company in 2015. She’s stayed in tune with the wrestling business and it sounds like she’s not completely closed off to the idea of a return. Moreover, it also sounds like many of the women on WWE’s roster would be welcoming.

Since her retirement from in-ring competition, AJ hasn’t ever been too far from the industry. In 2021, she took on the roles of executive producer and announcer for WOW Women of Wrestling. Although she left WOW in August, recent reports from Fightful Select indicate that she enjoyed her time with WOW and remains open to exploring other wrestling-related opportunities in the future.


Future Of AJ Lee In WWE After CM Punk’s Reference On Monday Night Raw

Could AJ Lee return to WWE? Fans are assuming CM Punk mentioned her name on Raw for a reason, but is there anything going on there?

According to the same source, there is a notable interest among WWE’s female Superstars to collaborate with AJ Lee, indicating a positive reception for her potential return to WWE.

During her tenure in WWE, AJ Lee emerged as fan favorite and potential star in the women’s division. She held the Divas Championship three times but she wasn’t able to take part in the Women’s Revolution that changed the narrative of how women were used in WWE.With the division now elevated to unprecedented heights, she could be a huge addition.


Given the current landscape and increased focus on women’s wrestling in WWE, AJ Lee’s return would likely see her interacting with a new generation of talent. Notable names such as Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Iyo Sky, Bayley, and Charlotte Flair are among many who could work with her to put on great matches. It’s a wealth of talent she didn’t previously have access to.

This Is The Ideal Time To Bring AJ Lee Back to WWE

Lee’s skill set and charisma would undoubtedly be a valuable addition, and just in time for the biggest part of WWE calendar. If AJ Lee expresses willingness, there seems to be little doubt that WWE, along with its fans, would welcome her back with open arms. The prospect of her return adds excitement to the women’s division.

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