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WWE’s Consensual Relationship Policy, Established In 2023, Has Been Made Public

The last two years have been the most tumultuous in WWE history. Starting with Vince McMahon’s initial retirement, which came shortly after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him, to the takeover of TKO, and the filing of the Janel Grant lawsuit. Suffice to say, most of what has been going on behind the scenes has been bad. On the bright side, WWE has taken steps to make things better, establishing a consensual relationship policy in June of 2023.

Consensual Relationship Policy

Details of exactly what can be found in the three-page policy have been made public for the first time thanks to Post Wrestling and Wrestlenomics. You can read the document in full at both sites, in which there is a lot of verbiage effectively discouraging relationships between employees in executive positions and other WWE talent, as the excerpt from the policy below highlights.

An employee shall not exercise responsibility (instructional, evaluative, or supervisory) for any affiliated individual with whom the employee has or had a consensual relationship.

Simply put, if a higher-up in WWE is in a consensual relationship with an employee below them in the company’s pecking order, or has been in the past, they can’t be among the people calling the shots when it comes to their career. A passage towards the end of the document doubles down, stating that WWE strongly discourages relationships involving executives and board members. While it doesn’t specifically state what will happen if a relationship of that nature becomes apparent, and those involved don’t comply with the next steps, disciplinary action will be taken, potentially resulting in termination.

all three pages of wwe's consensual relationship policy

The Janel Grant Lawsuit

The policy was established almost exactly one year after the first allegations against McMahon came to light. Those allegations have gotten significantly more serious since then thanks to the Grant lawsuit. In the suit, Grant alleges McMahon and others in WWE sexually assaulted and trafficked her repeatedly. The most recent development claims while not involved and potentially unaware of the alleged nature of their interactions, four WWE executives, including Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon, knew Vince and Grant were in a relationship of some sort.

It seems to me that under WWE’s consensual relationship policy, the four executives who knew about McMahon and Grant’s relationship would have violated it by not acting on it and following the correct steps. However, everything between Grant and McMahon happened before the policy was put in place. Again, the executives have not necessarily been accused of knowing the nature of the allegations against Vince, just that he and Grant were engaging in a relationship of some sort.

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