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WWE’s desire to continue trolling their fans is one of their worst traits.

It’s no secret that WWE he has a knack for getting reactions from his fans, both happy and angry. But it’s strange that the company likes to annoy its audience with storylines and combat that don’t make sense, leaving fans upset and angry. This habit of purposely annoying fans is one of WWE’s most perplexing traits.

WWE misdirects fans so much that it becomes trolling

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

A key part of professional wrestling is the element of surprise. Unpredictable twists and turns keep fans excited and waiting for the next big thing. WWE loves to use surprise value, but when they use it too much, it can leave fans feeling cheated or betrayed. Think “detour”: a sudden change in a story that goes against expectations. When used in small amounts, twists can create unforgettable moments in wrestling history. However, WWE’s habit of using these spins too often crossing into trolling territory has made fans increasingly frustrated.


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For example, Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania at 28 was down to 18 seconds, and instead of seeing two superstars that fans knew full well could bring the house down, we got what Jim Ross would call a “popcorn fart.” Sure, it was a shocking twist that people weren’t expecting, but it left a bitter taste.

Back in 2016, when AJ Styles made his grand entrance at the Royal Rumble, fans went wild when one of the world’s most adored wrestlers finally made it to WWE (which Vince McMahon reportedly thought was a fluke). . His first big challenger was a big deal, and fans rejoiced when Chris Jericho showed up. This led to a WrestleMania match, where fans expected Jericho to pass the torch to Styles. However, Jericho’s victory caught many off guard. It seemed that Vince wanted Styles to “earn his stripes” by losing to one of WWE’s top stars, a process Jericho himself had undergone in 1999 upon joining the company. Although Styles eventually recovered, this surprising turn marked a bumpy start to his road to WWE.

WWE recently misled fans with a teaser for John Cena’s return, using language that alluded to the return of Sasha Banks, but quickly sidetracked to reveal that it’s actually Cena. Why make people’s hopes so high just to risk disappointment in him overshadowing their enthusiasm for Cena’s return?

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WWE puts the trolling on good storytelling by blindly changing plans

emma emmalina

Wrestling fans know that good storytelling is at the heart of any great fight or rivalry. Slow build, interesting character growth, and meaningful conclusions are important to a story that connects with fans. Unfortunately, WWE’s need to provoke and annoy their audience often trumps these basics. The company’s habit of quickly changing directions, discarding good stories, or adding bizarre plot twists can ruin months of careful storytelling. Fans end up confused, wondering why they spent so much time and energy on a story they just scrapped. These mishandled storylines have been a cornerstone of WWE programming for years.

One of the most infamous cases of WWE trolling in this way occurred in 2017 when the company teased the debut of a new character named Emmalina for weeks. However, when Emma finally returned to television, it was revealed that she was ditching the Emmalina gimmick and reverting to her old persona. The angle was widely criticized by fans and is seen as an example of WWE trolling at its worst.

According to Malakai Black, this “bipolar reserve,” as he put it, is one of the reasons he left the company during his stint on the main roster. It’s like WWE trolls talent too. Rusev and Lana’s mishandling of popularity serves as another great example.

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The price of trolling fans could hurt WWE


True, wrestling fans can be forgiven. They put up with weird stories, confident that the next big event will pay off, but WWE’s constant trolling might be testing their patience.

The company’s actions have caused some fans to lose confidence in WWE to give their stories a good ending. This can make fans less excited, less loyal, and maybe even push them to watch other wrestling shows that treat their fans better. With real competition like AEW on another channel every week, WWE shouldn’t be giving fans reasons to find alternatives.

Wanting to keep fans guessing isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. After all, everyone loves a good plot twist or a shocking comeback. But when this need to surprise hurts good storytelling and makes fans unhappy, it’s a problem. WWE needs to remember that wrestling fans deserve respect, not trolls. The answer is for WWE to change the way they tell stories and let the fans guide them with their reactions. By focusing on creating compelling, long-term stories that respect the intelligence of their audience, the company can build trust and get closer to fans. They could usher in a new era of incredible stories that get fans excited again and show that WWE is the best choice for sports entertainment. The power of a loyal and happy fan base should never be forgotten – it’s what makes a wrestling company successful.

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