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WWE’s Nick Khan Among Names Revealed in Sex Trafficking Lawsuit


  • WWE president Nick Khan and COO Brad Blum named in sexual trafficking lawsuit, accused of facilitating exploitation and covering up abuse.
  • Khan’s rise to success with WWE highlighted, overseeing billion-dollar deals and record-breaking financial growth.
  • McMahon and Laurinaitis deny allegations, while Khan and Blum claim unawareness of abuse allegations before lawsuit.

News continues to surface in a sexual trafficking case against Vince McMahon and WWE. As allegations impact more executives within the company, the latest development sees WWE president Nick Khan and COO Brad Blum’s names surface as Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2 in the lawsuit filed against the company, McMahon, and former executive John Laurinaitis.

Fans may not be familiar with Blum’s name. However, Khan’s name has become synonymous with the record-breaking financial success WWE has experienced in recent years. Khan, known for his billion-dollar deals joined WWE as president in 2020. He reports to TKO president Mark Shapiro and answers to Hollywood power broker Ari Emanuel, who assumed the role of TKO’s chair after McMahon’s resignation in January. In other words, Khan has become extremely important to WWE.

Janel Grant, the plaintiff, alleges that Khan and Blum played key roles in facilitating and covering up exploitation. The lawsuit details McMahon grooming Grant into a nonexistent legal role, then she was subjected to extreme cruelty and degradation. Blum and Khan were presented by McMahon as his key fixers.

A WWE spokesperson stated they take the allegations seriously, noting Khan and Blum were unaware of any abuse allegations before the lawsuit. Meanwhile, McMahon and Laurinaitis deny the claims against them.

Front Office Sports writes:

Unlike McMahon and Laurinaitis, the two are not personally accused of sexual misconduct or violence; rather, the suit claims that they and others facilitated and covered up exploitation in ways that make WWE liable under
federal anti-trafficking law

Khan and Blum were reportedly given details of the relationship between Grant and McMahon, both having expressed concerns about whether she could be trusted. However, the suit does not “explicitly make any claims about whether Khan, Blum, or the other two corporate officers knew of any alleged acts of sexual violence or cruel and degrading treatment.”


Nick Khan’s Rise In WWE, Explained

In a short period of time, Nick Khan went from a Hollywood agent to the CEO of WWE.

Corporate Officer No. 3 is identified as Stephanie McMahon. Corporate Officer No. 4 is Brian Nurse, the former general counsel accused of facilitating Grant’s hiring and later termination.

Losing Khan Would Sting For WWE

Under Khan, WWE has achieved unprecedented success, signing a $5.2 billion deal with Netflix and generating $1.326 billion in revenue in 2023. WWE and UFC under TKO have a market cap of nearly $14 billion, with WrestleMania approaching its 40th annual event in Philadelphia. If it is determined Khan is linked to this and removed from his role as a result, this would certainly sting for WWE.

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