Thursday, February 22

Zelina Vega Renews WWE Contract, Finds Success with LWO


  • Zelina Vega has signed a new multi-year deal with WWE, a significant commitment following the Endeavor takeover.
  • Her involvement with the LWO has transformed her career, showcasing her versatility as both a face and a heel.
  • Vega’s proficiency on the mic and her consistency in the industry make her a valuable addition to WWE’s roster.

WWE superstar Zelina Vega has reportedly inked a new multi-year deal with the company, marking a significant commitment following the recent Endeavor takeover. According to PWInsider, multiple WWE sources have confirmed the agreement, securing Vega’s future with the sports entertainment brand.

A notable aspect of Vega’s recent career trajectory is her involvement with the LWO (Latino World Order), a revival of the famed WCW faction. The LWO has proven transformative for Vega, providing her with the push and opportunities she deserves. Joining the LWO has allowed her to explore a new dimension of her character, showcasing her versatility as both a face and a heel.

The faction has been a catalyst for an upswing in Vega’s popularity, offering her a chance to train with the legendary Rey Mysterio and injecting new life into her on-screen persona. While Vega excelled as a heel in WWE, her portrayal as a face within the LWO has been equally compelling and she brings with her a massive online following, particularly with a Latino audience.

Having initially signed with WWE NXT in 2017, Vega’s journey with the company has been marked by consistent dedication, with a brief hiatus from late 2020 to the summer of 2021. During her tenure, she served as a manager for Andrade before transitioning to an in-ring competitor.

Zelina Vega’s proficiency on the mic adds a unique dimension to WWE’s roster. With over a decade in the industry, she has honed her mic skills, making her stand out among her peers. Her career trajectory includes early stints in promotions like National Wrestling Superstars and TNA, where she won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship under the ring name Divina Fly.

In 2018, fans were surprised to learn about Vega’s marriage to fellow WWE wrestler Aleister Black. Despite Black’s move to rival promotion AEW, the couple has managed to make their relationship work, showcasing their resilience and commitment.


Zelina Vega Prank Calls Dominik Mysterio, Convinces Him She’s Seven Years Old

Dirty Dom fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Vega Is A Good Signing For WWE

Vega is another name on a list of many who are rumored to be reupping their deals with WWE. Focusing on talents who draw in fans and appeal to a wide audience Vega might be an under-the-radar extension that pays big dividends. As she embarks on this new chapter with WWE, there should be plenty of opportunities for her character, especially given the impact of her association with the revitalized LWO.

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